Design Development Phase

Here are some preliminary drawings that look at the grading for the new trails.  We know they are hard to see so we are attaching pdf copies too!

South Hill
LKP Sport Court Grading - Working Drawin[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [972.4 KB]
Grassy Knoll Viewpoint
LKP Grassy Hill Grading - Preliminary C.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [703.9 KB]
W. Olympic Pl,
LKP Olympic Entry Grading - Working Draw[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [832.5 KB]
South Hill Grading-draft


Highlights of the preliminary grading plan around the W. Roy St entrance and the tennis court include:

  • Making the trail to the court ADA accessible
  • Opening sight lines for better safety
  • Preserving the State Champion Linden tree and the beautiful purple Beech tree
  • Keeping the walls along the path low and made of natural materials
  • Transforming the court into a multi-sport court for tennis and basketball
  • Adding steps along the trail for easier movement

Grassy Knoll Viewpoint


Highlights of the preliminary grading plan from the main trail up to the Grassy Knoll Viewpoint include:

Preserving significant trees

Making the trail to the viewpoint ADA accessible

W. Olympic Place entrance


Highlights of the preliminary grading plan include:

  • Strong entrance design with plants and kiosk
  • Retaining walls along the trail to minimize erosion
  • Steps long the swtichback trail for smoother grade
  • Use of natural material

Conceptual Design Development

Meeting #3 Power Point
If you missed our April 8th meeting, here is a chance to see the power point that describes section by section the new conceptual plan
Lower Kinnear Park Enhancement Plan PPT [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [9.3 MB]

Preview of the new Conceptual Plan

Come to our April 8th meeting at the Bayview Retirement Center and see how your ideas generated at our first two (2) public meetings have coalesced around six major themes:
• Activate the park with improved trails to increase accessibility for all and expand ADA accessible areas of the park while opening sight-lines to increase sense of personal safety;
• Leverage supplemental funding through the Green Spaces Levy for an off leash dog park
• Respect the park's historical significance and uses by creating gathering spaces, viewpoints and restoring the tennis court;
• Restore the natural environment by removal of invasive plants and addressing issues of drainage and re-vegetation of a dying/changing forest, building a forest for the next 50-100 years;
• Enhance the entrances with a common identifying feature/planting and signage to attract visitors; and,
• Provide a connection to other trails in the Seattle Parks system and to the waterfront by expanding the trail system to the Helix Bridge and at the same time remove pedestrian and biking traffic from crowded streets.

Conceptual Plan
Conceptual Plan for 04/08/10 community meeting
LKP Enhancement Plan 03.24.10.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [1.1 MB]
Conceptual Plan Preliminary Construction Budget
Lots of decisions still to make. Can we raise all the funds? Do we need to phase construction? If so, do we start at the north or south end? These discussions will continue in the community.
Kinnear - PCE Construction 03.25.10 Sce[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [19.5 KB]



Alternative Concepts

These ideas gather ideas from our January 25, 2010 meeting into three different alternatives and were discussed at our February meeting.


Alternative "Preliminary Draft Conceptual" Plans -subject to change with your public input!


Get an early look at the three plans HBB Landscape Architects will bring to the February 25th community meeting. We will discuss the different elements in each plan to find out what works best for lower Kinnear Park. 


These are works in progress - that's why we use all the qualifiers above!  Let's take them one more step to reality on February 25th.

"Preliminary Draft Conceptual" Plan A
Reworks drainage and slope; gentler trail connection to Upper Queen Anne; replant slope with native urban forest vegetation, several “activity” nodes/viewpoints; strong Mercer Pl. connection
Concept A.01.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [690.9 KB]
"Preliminary Draft Conceptual" Plan B
Increases connection with upper Queen Anne; tree house lookout; vertical stair climbs; walking trail/elevated boardwalk through the trees; ADA accessible routes; restore/replant tennis court area
Concept B.01.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [620.5 KB]
"Preliminary Draft Conceptual" Plan C
Relocates tennis court trailside to park interior; grassy hill to roll down; connecting stairs; Roy St planting transition into urban forest w “rain gardens” & sustainable stormwater solutions.
Concept C.01.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [593.1 KB]
"Preliminary Draft Conceptual" North Trail Link
Extends a trail to an SDOT right-of-way directly across from the Helix Bridge allowing for greater public access to the waterfront.
North Link Trail.01.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [535.9 KB]

Uptown Loop

On Feb 11th we discussed ideas with the Seattle design community at a brown bag lunch hosted by about how this Uptown Loop strengthens pedestrian accessibility and secures the relationship between urban forests, walkable city streets, community amenities, residential living, and waterfront vistas.


This diagragm highlights lower Kinnear Park's status as a prominent figure at the hub of Seattle's vibrant recreational community:

Uptown Loop
Pedestrian routes
Adobe Acrobat document [5.0 MB]

More than a century ago, the Olmstead brothers developed the "Emerald Necklace" plan - a plan of set paths and vantage points that create a sense of continuity throughout Uptown Seattle. The hidden and overgrown lower Kinnear Park link is a missing gem in this plan. Imagine a looping urban trail that includes a breath of sea air in Myrtle Edwards Park, art in the Sculpture Park, breakfast spots in Belltown, the Seattle Center, coffee spots in Lower Queen Anne, and tennis or picnic in lower Kinnear Park. An entire day of activities, highlighting Seattle's finest, all in one easy stroll.


Come discuss ideas with the Seattle design community at a brown bag lunch hosted by about how this Uptown Loop strengthens pedestrian accessibility and secures the relationship between urban forests, walkable city streets, community amenities, residential living, and waterfront vistas. Debi Frausto from FOLKpark, along with Dean Koontz of HBB Landscape Architects and Alan Hart of VIA Architecture, will highlight FOLKpark's contribution to completing a missing link in this urban loop that dissolves the boundaries between the Waterfront, Belltown, South Lake Union, and Queen Anne.

Community Meeting 1.14.2010

On January 14th, 2010 nearly 40 people gathered together at Bayview Retirement Community to provide FOLKpark and HBB Landscape Architecture with a clearer picture regarding public opinion and perspective related to the renewal of lower Kinnear Park. The meeting was split into several groups, each led by a FOLKpark steering committee member, governmental representative or HBB designer. Each group was given a large poster illustrating the park and asked to cover the poster with Post-it notes with ideas and suggestions related to how the park can be enhanced.

FOLKpark asked participants to think about the various ways they currently use the park while brainstorming new ideas on how they would like to use the park once it has been revitalized. What would give lower Kinnear Park a stronger connection to the community? What does the park give back to the neighborhood? What stories do we have that we can add to the brainstorming of the park ideas?

We came up with everything from creating a stronger connection to Seattle's waterfront to giving lower Kinnear Park a more artistic flair. Adding more trails while improving the surfaces of the current ones was high on the list, while others mentioned adding more passive and active recreational activities.


HBB took plenty of notes and is currently developing a draft plan for the park which will be presented at our next meeting on Thursday, February 25th, 2010 at Bayview Retirement Community.


Any more ideas? Check us out on Facebook to continue the discussion.


Project Timeline

Trouble viewing this? Click below to download.
Project Timeline
JPG image [1'005.0 KB]

October 2009 - FOLKpark has received funding from Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods Small and Simple Grant. This $15K grant provides FOLKpark with the tools necessary to hire a landscape architect.


November 2009 - Our next step is the search for a professional landscape architect. This process will include a public Request for Qualifications, followed by several candidate interviews. FOLKpark's Steering Committee will select the finalist by the end of the month.


December 2009 - FOLKpark is proud to have selected HBB Landscape Architecture to work with the Queen Anne community to develop a conceptual plan for the renewal of lower Kinnear Park.


January 2010 - On Saturday, January 9, FOLKpark will host a meet-and-greet with HBB and members of the community; this meeting will also introduce HBB designers to the natural beauty of lower Kinnear Park from a park-user perspective. On Thursday, January 14, FOLKpark will host the first of several meetings to confirm previously-heard community voices as well as continue an ongoing discussion for new ideas.


February 2010 - Our second public meeting will be held Thursday, February 25, 2010 and will highlight our landscape architect's visual design concept. We will continue to gather ideas for the plan from the local community.


April 2010 - Our third and final public meeting will be held on April 8, 2010 and will focus on setting priorities for our design concept and as well as establishing community consensus regarding the preferred plan.